A New Year’s Cannonball Run: The Conclusion (01/06/12)

by Matt Fraker on January 7, 2012

We slept in just a bit yesterday. The original plan was for the two of us to take rural roads all the way home to central Illinois from western Ohio to look for Winter raptors. From the get go, we could not seem to avoid getting behind drivers ignoring the speed limit on the slow side, or lots and lots of small cities, towns, and villages. One cannot look for any birds of prey under these circumstances and I started to grow weary of the oppressive feeling that was being generated by the local driving environment. After crawling through Ft. Wayne, I finally said, “screw it — let’s roll”; And that we did, down to Indianapolis and then back through Champaign (where I phoned in to see how the locally injured Snowy Owl was doing); and then on to Monticello to see my daughter. After a good end-of-school visit with Meredith, Tucher and I stopped the rambling and made our way straight for home.

And now, our Boxchecker’s Report brought to us by Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA — not as good as the 90 minute IPA but 60 minutes sure as heck ought to get the job done…

I have to admit this report might be a bit sloppy as we traversed 12 states on this run.

ABA +3 for 670 (out of five targeted)

Photographed +3 for 514

Virginia +17 for 84

Maryland +9 for 75

Massachusetts +9 for 108

Ohio +3 for 77

From our Chesapeake, Virginia, departure we covered 2322 miles in five days.

May I also share the fact that I have some version of PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as I am now unconsciously slowing down for every flock of Canada Geese that I encounter. That’s my first New Year’s Resolution request. I want resolution of this Goose disorder…

And now I am classically LMAO…I seriously JUST got a voicemail from Winks — he wants me to check out a strange goose at White Oak Park.

This has got to stop.

And if anyone wants to send notes of support and recognition to my patient wonderful wife feel free. Thirty birds to go….she’s in for a long year…

Cheers, everyone!


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