Interview with Sandy Komito: on what it takes

by Greg Neise on October 4, 2011

The first clip from my conversation with Sandy Komito, here talking about what it takes to do a big year, and about the “competition” of 1998.

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  • Wow!  How cool to hear from Sandy Komito.  He has some great points about the drive, attitude, and focus to be a record breaking Big Year birder.  Reading the book, I got the same impression of him I did just now hearing him…just a very driven and focused guy.  The movie character supposedly inspired by him will be an extreme competitor, not really the embodiment of Sandy Komito.  I’m certain that Sandy enjoys birds at a very deep level…and he also enjoys the fun and thrill of The Big Year game.  Nothin’ wrong with that in my book!

    Just this week I was chasing a local rarity and missed it ’cause I was stopping to look at the birds along the road.  Lesson learned.

  • Fantastic interview Greg!  He brings up a lot of great points.  It was great hearing from him.

  • Sandy is absoluely right of course. It is the same stamina that gets you through a big day – but 270 days of the year.  One point though, it takes a lot of money to do it this way, and nowadays, which wasn’t much in the news when Sandy did it (so no blame there), an almost total oblivion of the carbon footprint one would leave behind. 

    I am scheming to do a big year in Peru one day. 1500 could be possible!

  • Don and Cheryl Delashmit

    What a great interview, really enjoyed it.  We have birded with Sandy in Texas with Red and Louise Gambill and he always makes the day so much fun.  

  • Ron

    Great scoop Greg!  I really enjoyed the interview

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