Timing is Everything

by Dawn Keller on February 26, 2014

I hate getting calls on injured raptors during nesting season. So when we received a call on an injured Great Horned Owl first thing this morning all I could think about was whether it had an active nest. If it was a female with a brood patch (an area on her lower abdomen where she […] [click to continue reading...]

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Survival against extreme odds requires incredible courage and so we’ve named the Ring-billed Gull now safely in our care Courageous. Our participation in Courageous’ story only began Thursday morning, but Courageous’ fight for survival began sometime on Wednesday. We don’t know exactly when and we certainly don’t know how Courageous became suspended in mid-air just […] [click to continue reading...]

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In no way did I want to rush away from beautiful Texas Hill Country, but trip length limitations dictated it was time to head to the coast; Aransas Bay. I had chartered a boat with a local fisherman to set sea from the harbour town of Rockport before dawn. Rockport is found on the central […] [click to continue reading...]

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Razorbills invade Florida

by eBird on December 20, 2012

Post image for Razorbills invade Florida

Razorbill is an alcid of cold North Atlantic waters and rarely strays south of Cape Hatteras, NC, in the United States. The state of Florida previously had 14 records of this species, so last week when multiple Razorbills started appearing in Florida—including flocks of more than 20 birds—it was clear that something very odd was […] [click to continue reading...]

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Hurricane Sandy is presently raising eyebrows as it churns its way north toward a predicted landfall in the northern reaches of the DelMarva Peninsula. As of 2PM on 26 October, the National Hurricane Center models suggest that first landfall will occur on the morning of Tuesday, 30 October. Sandy is forecast to hit as a hurricane, probably a category […] [click to continue reading...]

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Chilean birders use eBird for their Breeding Bird Atlas

by eBird 10.02.2012

With more than 3300 bird species, South America is definitely a birder’s heaven. We probably have all dreamt of experiencing the unparalleled biodiversity of the Amazonian lowlands, the incredible endemism of the Andean Highlands, the scenic Patagonian steppes or any of a number of other wonderful corners of this continent. Travelers have a taste of […] [click to continue reading...]

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“Five from Two.”

by Mike at Two-Fisted Birdwatcher 09.09.2012

Here, on this informative birding website you get informative birding stuff. Who needs something different? Maybe there’s no need. But, for whatever it’s worth, we’ll give it a shot. Below are five short posts from the blog called “Daily Sightings” on “Two-Fisted Birdwatcher.” They come at subjects we all might care about, but from different […] [click to continue reading...]

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Isaac and the Mississippi River region

by eBird 08.28.2012
Thumbnail image for Isaac and the Mississippi River region

Last year, Team eBird posted a primer on hurricane birding. With the 2012 hurricane season already nearly 2.5 months old, and several recent tropical systems marching across oceans, we suggest that it is worthwhile to review this article and get prepared to find birds in the wake of any storms that make landfall. Birders in the […] [click to continue reading...]

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Chasing the Brown Booby

by Dave Dolan 08.19.2012

I had a couple of days off this week and was seriously considering driving all the way to west Texas to get some of my western birds that I haven’t gotten yet this year. Unfortunately, it is too late to really get much, so it would be a waste of time. On Monday, Steve texted […] [click to continue reading...]

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Waterfalls Canyon Part II

by Matt Fraker 08.17.2012

After enjoying the time at Wilderness Falls, I decided to head on out. From where I was, I was pretty sure I would have seen either Jessica or Seth come into this upper area. I knew I had to find a different way down, and did not know what this was going to entail. I […] [click to continue reading...]

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Waterfalls Canyon Part I

by Matt Fraker 08.16.2012
Thumbnail image for Waterfalls Canyon Part I

As I headed out to Colter Bay, I stopped and shot this four member Osprey family on Moose-Wilson Road (the parent is behind the middle child): Seth, Jessica and I met at the Colter Bay Marina. Once again, there was a boat issue; the boat we needed was out on Elk Island where they take […] [click to continue reading...]

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South Dakota and her skyscapes

by Matt Fraker 08.15.2012
Thumbnail image for South Dakota and her skyscapes

Following the Snowshoe Canyon adventure, it was time for a little mini-cannonball. I wanted to go stretch out mentally amidst the western Great Plains of Wyoming and South Dakota. Baird’s Sparrows would still be around, but finding them would probably be next to impossible this time of year. I didn’t care. I had a great […] [click to continue reading...]

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Snowshoe Canyon

by Matt Fraker 08.12.2012

So the alleged Black Swift sighting by a definite Black Swift expert took place on Jackson Lake outside the mouth of Moran Canyon. Last year, I taste-tested this remote area just to see if it would be possible to explore into here. My experience was that it was possible, but it was also ugly.During the […] [click to continue reading...]

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Intermezzo in the Hole

by Matt Fraker 08.08.2012

My return into The Hole from the south was met with spectacular high altitude clouds of smoke from fires in Idaho, lit up by a setting sun. It was too late to rescue Tucher, so I snagged a cheap motel in north Jackson, cleaned-up a bit, and then made an evening walk right over to […] [click to continue reading...]

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Texas Birding Trip, Part 3: Lost Maples State Natural Area

by Spallin Jay 07.28.2012

My hydration level depleted from the previous day’s tromping in extreme Texas heat, I awoke to dizziness, smashing headache, and rapid heartbeat. Apparently the previous day’s ice cream with a vodka chaser didn’t help much in the prevention department of heat exhaustion. Malaise in tow, we drove a few hours east from Neal’s Lodges and […] [click to continue reading...]

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Asian shorebird explosion–get out there and find one!

by eBird 07.25.2012

It’s been an unbearably hot summer for many of us across North America, but something odd is afoot with the occurrence of Asian and European shorebirds this July. Compared with previous years, 2012 is shaping up to be a banner year for many of these rare shorebirds. With fall shorebird migration just beginning to heat […] [click to continue reading...]

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